Chart That Motion
This activity provides practice recognizing the correct work-energy bar chart for a specific situation. There are 12 different bar charts and 12 corresponding verbal descriptions of a motion. The goal is to match the provided bar chart to the corresponding description.
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There are 12 bar charts to match to a verbal description. You can match the bar charts in any order. Once your are successful at matching a bar chart, a gold star will appear to the left of the button.
Bar Chart 1
Bar Chart 1
A stationary cross-country skier uses her poles to help propel her from atop a 20-meter high hill down into a valley and back up on top of a 10-meter high hill. There is negligible friction.
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The driver hits the brakes and the car slows down from an illegal speed to within the speed limit along a level roadway.
A ball that is moving upward at an angle travels from ground level to its peak.
Starting from rest, a car accelerates from the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill.
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A girl on a sled starts from rest and slides from the top of a hill to the bottom of the hill.
A golf ball encounters some resistance as it rolls up the inclined putting green to a final stopping position.
The baseball player hits the infield dirt and slides to a stop.
Use the lettered buttons to select a description that matches the bar chart shown below. When you think you have a match, click/tap the Check Answer button.
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Starting from rest, a marble rolls down a small ramp, collides with a folded note card on the floor and slides to a stop.
A skydiver falls the last 1000 feet at a constant speed.
A car is moving along a level roadway at a constant speed.
Congratulations!  You have identified the correct verbal description.   Return to the main screen and try another bar chart.
The ski lift lifts the riders to from the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill at a constant speed.
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The driver steps on the gas and the car accelerates from rest to a high speed along the level street.
The description will be written here. Use the buttons above to select a description.
Sorry.  That is not the correct description.  Study the bar chart again. Consider what the initial and final bars communicate about changes (or lack of changes) in the object’s speed and height. Then choose a different verbal description. If necessary, refer to the Tutorial page on energy bar charts.