The Physics Classroom Pinterest Pages

If you are a Pinterest fan, then you will really love our Pinterest site. We have 50+ boards filled with a growing number of Pins (>3600 at the time of this writing). If you're not a Pinterest fan, then a trip to our Pinterest site may turn you into one real quickly. Grab a free account and peruse our pins to a variety of resources about the web. Each pin is annotated and placed on a Board with a topical theme like Kinematics, Newton's Laws, Flipped Learning, We Love Infographics, etc. 

After perusing our Pinterest site, you may wish to share the following graphic. The graphic was originally created for use on our Social Media outlets in order to attract more attention to our Pinterest site. You have our permission to download it and place it on your blog, your social media pages, your Learning Mangagement System or your course pages. We will surely add more later so please check back in at another time.
Three Reasons to Love ...
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