Forces Come in Pairs


At The Physics Classroom, we love #GreatCombos! Add that's why we are excited to announce our collaboration with the Positive Physics team to offer FREE Teacher Accounts during this coronavirus pandemic.  Teachers can easily acquire a no-strings-attached, 100% FREE account until the end of July, 2020.  Here's what you get:

First, The Physics Classroom is offering FREE Teacher Accounts to their Concept Builder section. These interactive questioning modules target student understanding of discrete concepts using a collection of tasks that students must complete in order to exhibit mastery of the concept. A Teacher Accounts provides a teacher with access to our Task Tracker system that keeps track of student progress on the various Concept Builders. With an account, teachers can easily populate their classes with students, assign Concept Builders and view student progress on the assigned tasks. Visit the Version 2 Concept Builders page to learn more about this great opportunity and to obtain a Registration Form.

Second, Positive Physics, an award-winning online problem bank, is providing FREE subscriptions to all teachers and students for the remainder of the school-year to aid schools with remote learning.  The site features ...

+ unique building block method for less intimidation 
+ instant feedback 
+ random number generator to prevent copying 
+ automatic grading 
+ differentiation and customization 
+ alignment to fundamentals of AP Physics 1

Please follow the directions on

For Physics teachers confronted with the need to transition to distance learning, that's two FREE lifesavers. Just grab the rope ... and we'll do the pulling.


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