Line Spectra

The Line Spectra Concept Builder targets a learner's understanding of line spectra. The Concept Builder has three activities - Paragraph Completion, Line Identification, and Match That Color. In Paragraph Completion, learners complete a paragraph by selecting from a short list of terms which fill in the blanks. In Line Identification, learners are given a set of three values of either frequency, wavelength, or photon energy associated with three colored lines on an emission spectrum; learners must identify the color associated with each value. In Match That Color, learners are given a scaled energy level diagram with four energy states. Three electron transitions are identified and learners must match each to one of three given emission line colors. 

The Concept Builder includes 22 questions organized into 7 Question Groups and spread across the three activities. Question-specific help is provided for each of the 7 Question Groups. The immediate feedback makes it great for independent practice. The use of the Concept Builder with a Task Tracker account makes it suitable for both in-class work and homework.

Launch Concept Builder

Users are encouraged to open the Concept Builder and explore. There is no need for an activity sheet for this Concept Builder. However, the seven different groups of questions can be printed. View Questions (for Teachers only).

Learners and Instructors may also be interested in viewing the accompanying Notes page. Technical information, teaching suggestions, and related resources that complement this Concept Builder are provided on the Notes page. View Notes.