Teacher Toolkits

Teacher Toolkits provide teachers with a collection of resources that are ideal for planning standards-based, multimedia lessons and units. We've combed the web and selected some of the best, most professional simulations, videos, and other tools that complement the resources present at The Physics Classroom. Our hope is that teachers who use The Physics Classroom with their classes will find a Toolkit to be a convenient tool for planning engaging lessons and units. Each resource on every Toolkit is organized into a category (simulation, video and animations, problems, etc.) and annotated. We've also taken the time to identify NGSS standards that coordinate with the resources found in our Toolkits. 




Position-Time Graphs

Velocity-Time Graphs

Free Fall and the Acceleration of Gravity

Newton's First Law of Motion

Newton's Second Law of Motion

Skydiving and Terminal Velocity

Newton's Third Law of Motion


Projectile Motion

Forces in Two Dimensions

Impulse and Momentum Change

Momentum Conservation

Work-Energy Fundamentals

Work-Energy Relationship

Circular Motion

Roller Coaster Physics

Universal Gravitation

Satellite Motion


Static Electricity

Charge, Charge Interactions, and Charging Methods

Coulomb's Law

Electric Fields


Electric Circuits

Circuit Concepts

Series Circuits

Parallel Circuits


Waves, Sound and Light

Vibrational Motion

Describing Waves

Behavior of Waves

Standing Wave Patterns on Strings

The Nature of Sound

Resonance and Air Columns

Wave Model of Light

Color Addition and Subtraction


Reflection and Refraction

Plane Mirrors

Image Formation by Curved Mirrors

Snell's Law and Refraction

Total Internal Reflection

Image Formation by Lenses