Mechanics: Simple Harmonic Motion

We will have approximately 10 ready-to-use problem sets on the topic of Simple Harmonic Motion. The problems target your ability to use of simple harmonic motion equations combined with force relationships to solve problems involving cyclical motion and springs

Click a link to open a publicly-available problem set.  If you are a Task Tracker student, open the assignment using the link on the Task Tracker assignment board.

Problem Set SHM1: Analysis of a Horizontal Mass-Spring System
Analyze a horizontal mass-spring system to determine values of frequency, period, maximum KE and PE, and the instantaneous values of parameters such as velocity, acceleration, force, and energy. Includes 4 multi-part problems.
Problem Set SHM2: Mass on a Horizontal Spring and Proportional Reasoning
Use proportional reasoning skills to analyze the motion of a mass on a horizontal spring to predict the effect that changes in mass, amplitude, and spring constant would have upon the subsequent motion. Includes 7 multi-part problems.
Problem Set SHM3: Analyzing Position-, Velocity-, and Acceleration-Time Graphs
Relate the position, velocity, acceleration, and time values for a mass vibrating on a horizontal spring. Includes 3 multi-part problems.
Problem Set SHM4: Analysis of a Vertical Spring System
Analyze a vertical spring system to determine a variety of values, including frequencies, periods, energies (kinetic and potential), accelerations, forces, positions, velocities, and accelerations. Includes 4 multi-part problems.
Problem Set SHM5: Springs in Combination
Coming soon.
Problem Set SHM6: TBD
Coming soon.
Problem Set SHM7: TBD
Coming soon.
Problem Set SHM8: TBD
Coming soon.
Problem Set SHM9: TBD
Coming soon.
Problem Set SHM10: TBD
Coming soon.


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