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If you are a teacher subscriber to Version 2 Concept Builders, then you have access to Task Tracker, our system that tracks student progress on Concept Builders. Task Tracker allows teachers to create classes, populate the classes with students, make assignments for students to access, and view student progress reports and scores on those assignments. Directions for using Task Tracker can be found on this page. This will be the home base for directions, PDFs that can be distributed to students, and video walk-throughs.


Getting Started with a Subscription and a Teacher Account

Purchasing a Subscription
The use of Task Tracker begins with the purchase of a subscription. Subscriptions can be purchased by a teacher, an administrative assistant, a department head, or anyone authorized by a school to make purchases. We will call this person the subscriber.  We offer both Individual Plans for single teachers and Group Plans for two or more teachers from the same school who have 150 or more students. Our pricing plans can be found on our Pricing for Schools page. The Subscriber will purchase a subscription for a Task Tracker account using a Credit Card, a PayPal transfer, or a Purchase Order (US schools only).

View directions for Purchasing a Subscription.

Assigning Teachers to a Subscription
Once a subscription is purchased, one or more teachers must be assigned to the subscription. The subscriber is the person who must assign teachers to the subscription. Even if the teacher is the subscriber, the teacher must still log on to their account and identify themselves as the teacher who will be using the account.

View directions for Assigning Teachers to a Subscription.


Directions for Teachers and Students

Once a teacher is assigned to a subscription, the fun can begin. It's time to learn how to use your account and to get your students signed up for your classes. Some parts of our system have a very shallow learning curve. In fact, you probably don't need directions. But we are going to write them anyways; they should be available soon. Other parts are a little more complicated; we have already written directions for those parts. You will find those directions below.

Overview of Task Tracker
Now that I have an account, what can I do with it?  And how should I get started? 

Web Page

Creating Classes
How do I create classes, manage classes, and add classes?

Not Yet Available.

Adding Students to Classes:
How can I get students into my classes?

Web Page with PDF

Student Registration Directions:
What are the directions that students must follow to register for Version 2 Concept Builders?

Web Page with PDF

Student Use Directions for Basic Usage:
What do students need to know to use Version 2 Concept Builders?

Web Page with PDF | Video (not yet available)

Navigating Task Tracker:
What does a teacher need to know to effectively use Task Tracker?

Not Yet Available.

Creating and Editing a Task:
How do I assign Concept Builders to my classes? And how can I edit those assigned Concept Builder tasks?

Not Yet Available.

Creating Scoring Rules and Task Properties:
How do I set up the scoring for assigned Concept Builder tasks?

Web Page with PDF

Score Reports - For a Single Task for a Entire Class

Not Yet Available.

Score Reports - Multiple Tasks for a Single Student

Not Yet Available.

Score Reports - All Tasks of a Topic for All Students in a Class

Not Yet Available.

We devote quite a bit of time, energy, and money to the development of Concept Builders and the Task Tracker system. You can always find out about the latest updates and coming features on our social media sites. Follow us on ...


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