Static Electricity Review

Description: The Static Electricity Review includes 43 questions of varying type. Questions pertain to the application of electrostatic principles to the analysis of charge interactions and charging and grounding processes. The following concepts are emphasized: charged versus neutral objects, protons-electron comparisons, charging methods, charging by friction, charge separation, charging by induction, charging by conduction (charging by contact), conservation of charge, polarization, grounding, conductors versus insulators, Coulomb's law, the Coulomb, the microCoulomb, Coulomb or electrostatic force, electric field, electric field lines, lightning, lightning rods, and electrostatic equilibrium.

The Review is available in three versions:

  1. Printable Version
    The printable version includes only the questions. There are no answers and no links to online help. It's perfect for printing and using as a practice test.
  2. Questions with Links
    This version includes questions with links to online help that is pertinent to each question. 
  3. Finally, you can use the Answers Version of the Review. This inludes questions, answers, explanations/solutions, and links to online help that is pertinent to each question. This version is available with all the questions on one page or with a portion of the questions on one page. 

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