Minds on Physics in the Browser

Beginning in Fall 2021

We no longer offer Minds on Physics the App in the stores. Beginning in the Fall of 2021, our Minds on Physics program will be available in the browser. No more apps. No more app stores. No Shockwave. Just pure, functional HTML5 connected to our Task Tracker system to keep track of student progress.

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Minds on Physics - the App

Minds On Physics the App is a remake of our popular Shockwave-based Minds On Physics Internet Modules (affectionately known as MOPs). Minds On Physics the App is remade to work without Shockwave and outside of the browser. It is an app that is downloadable from the Google Play Store, the Apple iTunes Store, the Mac App Store, and the Chrome Web Store. And best of all, the app was designed with Chromebooks and tablets such as the iPad as the target devices. With the app version of Minds On Physics, teachers and students in 1:1 classrooms using iPads and Chromebooks can finally engage their students in Minds On Physics on their students' devices.

But that's not all. Minds On Physics the App also works on smart phones. Now students can take MOPs "on the go" wherever they are at ... without any need for a connection to the internet. While screen size issues are always a concern with a smart phone app, we found that the app functioned well on all smart phones that we tested. Smart phones with larger screens work great. Any screen smaller than an iPhone 5 may present a bit more of a challenge, especially for older eyes

And as if all that were not enough, we have now released the entire app series for Apple Macintosh computers. If you are frustrated with efforts to get the Shockwave-based MOP Internet Modules to work in your browser, you no longer need to be frustrated. Simply purchase the app at the Mac App Store and enjoy your MOPping on your favorite device. It works outside the browser without Shockwave and with or without an internet connection.

MOP the App is designed to work like the browser-based Minds On Physics Internet Modules. It has the same questions. It has the same arrangement of topics and assignments. It uses the same model for delivery of questions, completion of assignments, and the issuance of an encrypted Success Code in order to validate student completion of an assignment. MOP the App will work seamlessly with the Minds On Physics Teacher Module. The main difference is that Minds On Physics the App works on mobile devices in addition to desktop computers. And because it does work on mobile devices, we were able to add a few enhancements to the program. You can read about those enhancements on our Features page.

This project has been brewing since the early spring of 2014. The conversion of the Shockwave-based Internet Modules to the app-based, mobile format was completed in July, 2016. And in mid-August of 2016, we released version 2.0 with numerous bug fixes, improvements and updates. You can learn about about the most current version available on our Timelines page. Throughout the project, we have been inspired by the quote "The future is not the present." When it comes to Minds On Physics at The Physics Classroom, the past and the present has been reliant upon use of the Adobe Shockwave plug-in to effectively deliver our program within a browser. We recognize that the days are numbered for the Shockwave plug-in. Being non-functional on Chromebooks, tablets, and smart phones, Shockwave-based MOPs is not the future of the program. We believe that the app version of Minds On Physics is the future of the program. And finally, the future has arrived. We are all app-y about that!

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