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Minds On Physics Internet Modules

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Welcome to the Minds on Physics Internet Modules (affectionately known as Minds on Physics or MOPs).  Minds on Physics consists of more than 1300 carefully-crafted questions designed to improve student conceptions of common physics topics. Minds On Physics is 151 challenging assignments, each of which addresses one or two student learning outcomes. Minds On Physics is a collection of 15 modules that are designed to provide students with a learning opportunity, an exercise in thinking, and a chance to reflect and review.  


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Kinematic Concepts

Kinematic Graphing

Newton's Laws of Motion

Vectors and Projectiles

Forces in Two Dimensions

Momentum and Collisions

Work and Energy

Circular Motion and Gravitation



Static Electricity

Electric Circuits


Waves, Sound, and Light:

Wave Mechanics

Sound Waves and Music

Light and Color


Ray Optics:

Reflection and Mirrors

Refraction and Lenses


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