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We've been at this task of providing students, teachers, and classrooms high-quality, ready-to-use resources for a long time. And we are as passionate about it now as we were 25 years ago when we started. We are always working on something new. But it is such a big website that the new additions often get nested deep inside of a section and are never noticed for months or even years after being published. So we're aiming to fix that problem with this page of announcements. Visit this page to find out about our most recent additions. And check back often in anticipation of finding new surprises.


March, 2021

Concept Builders, The Equilibrium Concept

Relying on graphical representations, tabular data, and particle diagrams, this Concept Builder hilights the features that characterize the equilibrium condition. A true exercise in thinking and sense-making.



February, 2021

Concept Builders, Equilibrium ICE Table

This is one of our more elaborate Concept Builders. It provides great training on how to use an ICE Table to solve for K.


Concept Builders, Equilibrium Calculations

We're showing more love to our Chemistry-teaching colleagues with a Concept Builder involving calculations using an equilibrium constant expression.


Concept Builders, Chemistry, Molar Mass

We're showing love to our Chemistry-teaching colleagues with this Concept Builder on the calculation of molar mass. (Don't miss the Out of This World activity!)


Concept Builders, Work and Energy, Energy Analysis 2

This Concept Builder challenges students to conduct an energy analysis fo situations in which mechanical energy is transformed into non-mechanical forms. Its a great follow-up to Energy Analysis 1.


Concept Builders, Work and Energy, Energy Analysis 1

This Concept Builder challenges students to conduct an energy analysis, identifying values of KE and PE at as many as 5 locations along a motion path.


Physics Video Tutorial: Solving Difficult Electric Field Problems

This is our final video in our Static Electricity Video Tutorial Series. This video steps through the solution to four difficult electric field problems.


Concept Builders, Vectors and Projectiles, Projectile Mathematics

This skill-building activity includes three distinct levels of difficulty. Students complete a table of values focusing on the relationships between the various projectile parameters.


Concept Builders, Static Electricity, Triboelectric Charging

Many have complained about the drag-and-drop functionality of some Concept Builders does not work. While going full-screen is the immediate cure, we have been gradually eliminating all such functions. Drag-and-drop has now been removed from the Triboelectric Charging Concpt Builder.

Physics Video Tutorial: Lesson Notes for Momentum and Collisions Videos

We just completed the Lesson Notes for our six Momentum and Collisions Video Tutorial lessons. These were originally left undone in the interest of time and have just now been completed.


Physics Video Tutorial: Lesson Notes for Projectile Videos

We sometimes take short cuts and omit the completion of less essential tools. When creating our Projectile Video Tutorials, we postponed the completion of the accompanying Lesson Notes. We just completed the Lesson Notes for our six Projectile Video Tutorial lessons.



Physics Video Tutorial: Electric Field Lines

This is our 14th video of 15 planned videos on static electricity. This video explains what electric field lines are and how to draw them..



Physics Video Tutorial: Coulomb's Law and Force Analysis

This short video steps through the solution to four difficulty problems involving Coulomb's Law and a force analysis of an electrostatic phenomenon.



Physics Video Tutorial: Electric Field Intensity

This short video discusses the mathematics of electric field intensity.


Physics Video Tutorial: Electric Field Concept

This short video explains the concept of an electric field and lays the ground work for an upcoming video on the mathematics of electric field intensity.


January, 2021

Concept Builder: Impulse-Momentum Change Table

Help your students get in the groove of using the impulse-momentum change theorem to analyze the changes in momentum of an object acted upon by an external force for a given amount of time.


Task Tracker for Concept Builders

We indexed all the Questions in Concept Builders using the existing topic system. Now logged in teachers with an active subscription can access all the Questoin pages from one location. Visit the Main Page.


Concept Builder: Frequency and Period

Studying vibrational motion or waves soon? Here is a NEW Concept Builder on the concepts of frequency and period.


Video Tutorial: Proportional Reasoning with Coulomb's Law

This is our second video of three on the topic of Coulomb's Law and its varied applications.


Video Tutorial: Coulomb's Law

This is our first video of three on the topic of Coulomb's Law and its varied applications.


Concept Builder: Conductors and Insulators

This Concept Builder hones in on student understanding of conductors and insulators. It's a great follow-up to the two videos immediately below.


Video Tutorial: Grounding

A video on electrical grounding was completed and uploaded to our Static Electricity Video Tutorial.


Video Tutorial: Charging By Conduction

If you're starting the topic of static electricity anytime soon, you may be able to take advantage of this video and others in the series.


Video Tutorial: Charging By Induction

Our Video Tutorial mirrors our written Tutorial.  With this video, we are closing in on the completion of Lesson 2 of our Static Electricity Chapter.


Video Tutorial: Triboelectric Charging

The first video of the new year is out. Many more electrostatics videos are planned for the months of January and February. Keep checking in.



December, 2020

Video Tutorial: Polarization

The fourth video in our Static Electricity series has been completed. There's many more to come in January, 2021.


Concept Builder: Case Studies - Electric Power

This newest Concept Builder brings the total to 10 for the Electric Circuits topic.


Physics Interactives: Equivalent Resistance

This skill-building exercise is composed of 18 difficulty levels associated with determining the equivalent resistance of 2 - 5 resistors arranged in series, in parallel, or in combination. It's a great complement to our DC Circuit Builder simulation.


Physics Interactives: Hit the Target

We think this will be popular. It's like our Turd the Target sim ... without a storyline, without drama, and (especially) without turds. #JustGoodCleanPhun


Concept Builder: Series vs. Parallel Circuits

This is a great tool for all classes. There are three distinct levels of difficulty.


Concept Builder: Electric Field

This is a powerful tool ... expecially suited for AP Physics 1, Honors Physics, and IB Physics.


Concept Builders: Free-Body Diagrams for Inclined Planes

We enjoyed making this one. Hope you enjoy using it.


The Review Session - added Inline Ads

Of course nobody likes ads. But let's face the facts: making a website isn't free and somebody has to pay the bills. Better them than you. Right?


Video Tutorial: Condctors vs. Insulators

Making more progress on our collection of Static Electricity video tutorials.


Concept Builder: Getting the Hang of Charge

We needed this one. It's a big improvement upon our Charge Interactions Concept Builder.


Video Tutorial: Charge Interactions

Our second video in our Static Electricity collection.


Video Tutorial: Charged and Uncharged Objects

This was our first video in the Static Electricity chapter of our growing Video Tutorial section.


Concept Builder: Net Force and Acceleration Ranking Tasks (bug fix)

This Concept Builder has been around for a while. But the drag and drop didn't work on all devices unless the CB was used in full-screen mode. So we replaced the drag-and-drop interactivity with a more reliable one.

Video Tutorial on Momentum and Collisions

We completed the last two videos of our Momentum and Collisions section of our Physics Video Tutorial in early December.


Physics Classroom Tutorial - fixed Wolfram Alpha Widgets

We have approximately 60 interactive widgets (from Wolfram Alpha) embedded in the pages of our Tutorial. They were not displaying. The issue has been fixed and they now display properly. They are a welcome addition to the Tutorial.




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