Vectors and Projectiles

Our Vectors and Projectiles unit represents an effort to understand basic principles of vectors and vector operations and then to apply such principles to the motion of projectiles, the motion of objects along inclined planes, the analysis of objects in static equilibrium, and much more.  The set of Video Tutorials below describe all sorts of applications of vector principles to the analysis of physical situations

Just so know, you've entered the Construction Zone. This is the section of the website that is currently being built. Over the course of  November and December of 2019, we will be frequently adding to the list. We have provided links to all finished videos. Video titles without links are videos that we plan to create during these two months. The content is coming ... we promise!

Understanding Vectors and Their Direction

Representing Vectors with Scaled Diagrams

Head-to-Tail Vector Addition

Vector Addition with Scaled Diagrams

Adding Right-Angle Vectors

What is a Vector Component?

Resolving a Vector into its Components

Component Addition of Vectors

Relative Velocity and River Boat Problems

Independence of Perpendicular Components of Motion

What is a Projectile?

Motion Characteristics of Projectiles

Velocity Components of a Projectile

x- and y- Displacements for a Projectile

Kinematic Equations for Projectile Motion

Horizontally-Launched Projectile Problems

Angle-Launched Projectile Problems

Difficult Projectile Problems


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