Sound Waves

Our Sound Waves unit addresses the topic of the physics of sound.  The set of Video Tutorials below lays a solid foundation for understanding their generation by a vibrating object, their properties and behaviors, and their connection to the operation of musical instruments.

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Sound as a Mechanical Wave

Sound as a Longitudinal and Pressure Wave

Sound Properties: Frequency, Wavelength, and Speed

Sound Intensity and the DeciBel Scale

Calculating Intensities and DeciBel Ratings

Sound Interference and Beats

The Doppler Effect with Mathematics (from our Vibrations and Waves series)

Natural Frequency, Forced Vibration, and Resonance

Harmonic frequencies and Standing Waves

Mathematical Analysis of Resonating Strings (from our Vibrations and Waves series)

Physics of Open-End Air Columns

Mathematical Analysis of Open-End Air Columns

Physics of Closed-End Air Columns

Mathematical Analysis of Closed-End Air Columns


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