Pricing For Schools

Free Use of Concept Builders
First and foremost, Concept Builders are free. That is to say, any student that wishes to use a Concept Builder as a learning, review, and practice tool is welcome to do so. It's free! Simply click your way to the Concept Builder and use it as a Guest. There's no need to have an account to use a Concept Builder. They are totally accessible and free. Usage as a Guest makes a Concept Builder an awesome practice tool; there's just no way to track the progress. In our opinion, they are too great of a learning tool to place behind a paywall. So we have kept them open to any student who is passionate about putting their Physics concepts into practice.

So What's the Catch?
Version 2 Concept Builders take advantage of our custom-built Task Tracker system that allows teachers who have purchased an account to create classes, to make assignments, to  set scoring and due date information, and to track student progress on Concept Builders. Pricing for a Task Tracker account for use with Concept Builders is based upon the number of teachers and the number of students that will be using the system. Purchasing an account involves deciding upon one of the plans below.

Plan A:  $25 for up to 15 students and 1 teacher

Plan B:  $50 for up to 60 students and 1 teacher

Plan C:  $75 for up to 90 students and 1 teacher

Plan D:  $100 for up to 120 students and 1 teacher

Plan E:  $125 for up to 150 students and 1 teacher

Plan F:  $150 for up to 180 students and 1 teacher

Group Plan (see below)

Group Plans
We will also have special group pricing for schools with two or more teachers and 150 students or more. Group plans bring the cost down to as low as $0.80/student. Pricing for Group Plans are based on the number of students and the student-to-teacher ratio.  Calculation of a Group Plan follows the following logic:

If the Student/Teacher ratio ≥ 40, then
Cost = (# of students) * $0.80/student

If the Student/Teacher ratio < 40 and ≥ 25, then
Cost = (# of students) * $0.83/student

If the Student/Teacher ratio < 25, then
Cost = (# of students) * $0.85/student

Subscriptions and Payments
Our Subscription and Payment portal is ready to use.  The process involves selecting a plan, entering information regarding the # of students, and picking a payment method. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, or PayPal funds.  US schools can also choose to pay via a Purchase Order. Even if paying by Purchase Order, you will still use the online Registration and Payment system. Once a subscription has been purchased, the second step involves assigning a teacher (or group of teachers) to the Subscription. DIrections for completing this two step process can be found on our Directions page. 


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