Mechanics: Rotational Dynamics

There are 8 ready-to-use problem sets on the topic of Rotational Dynamics. These problem sets focus on the analysis of situations involving a rigid object or objects rotating in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction about a given point. The object's rotation speed may be increasing, decreasing, or remaining constant. 

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Problem Set RD1: Moment of Inertia for a System of Point Masses
Determine the moment of inertia of several oddly-configured objects consisting of point masses if given the position of masses relative to an axis of rotation. Includes 4 problems.

Problem Set RD2: Determining Moment of Inertia 1
Use information about objects of a variety of shapes (e.g., solid disk, ring, solid sphere, hollow sphere, solid rod, etc.) to determine their moment of inertia (I). Includes 5 problems.

Set RD3: Determining the Moment of Inertia 2
Use information about complex objects that can be modeled as a combination of simple objects in order to determine the moment of inertia (I) of the combination. Includes 5 problems.

Problem Set RD4: Determining I using the Parallel Axis Theorem
Use the parallel axis theorem to determine the moment of inertia for a simple object when its axis of rotation is not directed through the center of mass. Includes 5 problems.

Problem Set RD5: Combining Torque and Rotational Kinematics
Coming soon.

Problem Set RD6: TBD
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Problem Set RD7: TBD
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Problem Set RD8: TBD
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