Pascal's Principle

The Pascal's Principle Concept Builder focuses on the application of Pascal's Principle to the operation of a hydraulic lift. The Concept Builder consists of 25 total questions organized into 9 different Question Groups and spread across three Activities. In the first activity, Paragraph Completion, learners must use words and phrases from a word/phrase bank to accurately complete a paragraph with 8 missing words (or phrases). In the second activity, The Hydraulic Lift, learners must analyze a hydraulic lift to determine the output force when given the input force and the areas of the pistons. In the third activity, Thinking Proportionally, learners must use the area values of the two pistons of a hydrauli lift in order to determine the relative force, pressure, and displacement values of the pistons. Question-specific help is provided for each of the 9 situations. Use of this Concept Builder with our Task Tracker system allows teachers to track student progress.

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