Electric Field Intensity Concept Builder

Electric Field Intensity is a Concept Builder that takes a numerical approach to the topic of electric field intensity. Learners are presented with a table of numerical values for Source charge, test charge, force on test charge, distance, and electric field intensity. In each row of the 8-row table, there are one or two blank cells. Learners must use the given information to determine the numerical values for the blank cells. Calculations are relatively straight-forward from a mathematical standpoint; but considerable thought must be given to the concepts of electric field strength and electric force in order to determine what mathematical operatoins must be performed. Feedback to answers is obtained by tapping on the Check Answers button. There is no limit on the number of allowed attempts at any of the table cells. But if learners demonstrate some relative comfort on the first question, then they are presented with a Trophy for the exercise. In situations where difficulty is demonstrated, a second question with a second (nearly identical) table is presented.  Use of this Concept Builder with our Task Tracker system allows teachers to track student progress.

Launch Concept Builder

Users are encouraged to open the Concept Builder and begin. There is no need for an activity sheet for this Concept Builder. However, the nine different groups of questions can be printed. View Questions (For Teachers Only).

Learners and Instructors may also be interested in viewing the accompanying Notes page. Technical information, teaching suggestions, and related resources that complement this Concept Builder are provided on the Notes page. View Notes.