Wave Interference

The Wave Interference Concept Builder targets student understanding of what interference is, of the distinction between constructive and destructive interference, and of how the principle of superposition can be used to determine the shape of the resultant wave (or wave sum) that results from the interference of two waves. There are 20 total questions organized into 10 different Question Groups and spread across three different activities. In Activity 1 - To Construct or To Destruct? - learners are given the shape of two interfering waves and must identify specified locations as being locations where constructive or destructive interference occurs. In Activity 2 - The Principle of Superposition - learners are presented with the shape of two interfering waves on top of a background grid and must determine the resulting displacement of the medium at three specified locations. In Activity 3 - Sum It Up - learners are presented with the pattern of two interfering waves and must determine the shape of the resultant. Use of this Concept Builder with our Task Tracker system allows teachers to track student progress.

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