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We physics teachers are so eager to make our course come alive. Our eagerness spurs a good deal of effort to relate the applicability of physics principles and laws to everyday occurrences. We love to show that video or photograph or movie clip that depicts some application of physics in a lively, unique and practical manner. Our wish is that every student walk away from our course with the confidence in and appreciation for the fact that physics matters - that it relates to and enriches our experiences in life. And being that our subject describes the physical world that our students will touch, see, feel, hear and move around in, it isn't that difficult of a task to convey this message that physics matters.

This section of The Physics Classroom website makes an effort to to assist teachers in bringing the physics matters message to our classrooms. The Physics Classroom combines with one of the web's most popular photo sharing sites (Flickr) to produce a toolbox for physics teachers. The Photo Gallery offers physics teachers three things. First, there is a collection of more than 1000 photos grouped together according to topic and easily accessible via a couple of mouse clicks. The photos are present at The Flickr website. The Physics Classroom has done the heavy lifting to find them, tag them, and provide an avenue for you to access them. Second, there are nearly 30 ready-made Galleries that have been curated from the photos of Flickr photographers. Each gallery uses photos to tell a story of a concepts in physics. And third, we offer an invitation to physics teachers to join us in using a camera to capture principles and applications of physics in our labs and in our everyday lives. If we put our heads (and our cameras) together, we can produce an awesome collection of photos that will help us bring the physics matters message to our students. Please join us.

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Heat and Thermal Energy

Thermal Physics


Waves, Sound and Light

Ray Optics

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