Kinematic Graphing - Mission KG5 Detailed Help

The slope of a velocity-time graph represents the _____ of the object.

Velocity-Time Graphs:
Velocity versus time graphs represent changes that occur in an object's velocity with respect to time. The slope of the line is the acceleration (change in velocity divided by the change in time) of the object. The area under the line (between the line on the graph and the time axis) is the displacement of the object.

With the introduction of velocity-time graphs, there are now two different types of graphs. A wise student will mentally organize him/herself so as to keep the ideas straight. Failure to do so will be the first step to frustration. Take some time to create a note card divided into two halves. On one half, write:

Position-Time Graphs:
slope = velocity

On the other half, write:

Velocity-Time Graphs:
slope = acceleration
area = displacement

Keep the note card handy when doing physics homework and refer to it often until the ideas become internalized.


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