Adding MOPs to a Subscription

Concept Builders is our oldest Task Tracker feature. And many teachers and schools begin with a Task Tracker account that is outfitted to use Concept Builders. But we make it easy to add Minds On Physics (or Calculator Pad or Physics Interactives with Concept Checkers) to an existing class. Here's what to do:
  1. Check Your Subscription Capacity and Available Seats
    Make sure you have plenty of seats in your subscription to use an additional feature like Minds On Physics. Visit our online Seat Calculator to determine the seat requirements. You can view your number of available seats at the top of the Classes page. 


  2. View Class Properties
    The Task Tracker features which are used in a class are properties of that class. So to add the Minds On Physics feature to a class, you will need to know how to view and edit Class Properties. Navigate from your Classes page. There are a series of Action icons located to the left of a Class. Tap on the Edit button (Edit.png) to view and edit Class Properties.


  3. Enable Minds On Physics and Save
    When the Class Properties dialogue window opens, you can view available class Features at the bottom of the window. (If you have already added all available features, then this section will be absent.) If Minds On Physics has not yet been added to the class, then it will be listed here with a toggle box to the left of the feature. Tapping on the box will perform a calculation of how the addition of Minds On Physics will impact the available seats in your subscription. If you are satisfied with the impact, then enable the Minds On Physics feature and tap on the Save button. CAUTION: This is an irreversible change. If you are in a Group Plan, it is always wise to first check with other teachers in the group and with the Subscription Manager.


Once you exit the dialogue window, you will be an active Minds On Physics teacher. Dataway!