Student Usage

Students will catch on to how to use the Task Tracker program quite quickly. Students will need to remember to first log in to Task Tracker. Logging in ensures that their progress on a Minds On Physics mission will be tracked. It is always wise to have them start on their assigment board inside of their account.

It would be helpful if students learned how to navigate the Course page that displays all the assigned tasks. Tasks are organized by topics - the same topics by which the Concept Builders are organized. Tapping on a topic will open all assigned Concept Builders for that topic. For each assigned Concept Builder, the Status (Incomplete, Complete, Past Due, etc.), a Teacher Message, and a Due Date are displayed.


A hyperlink to the Minds On Physics launch page is also included. It is titled Start This Task. And finally, there is a View Requirements link that opens a window that describes the requirements for the assigned mission. See image at the right.

The color coding system is worth understanding. There are a series of ovals under each topic with numbers inside the ovals. The ovals are color-ColorCodeSystem.pngcoded to indicate information about the urgency of the assigned mission relative to its due date. The numbers inside of each oval indicate the number of assignments for that topic that share that urgency level. Here's the meaning of the colors:
  • Green: You're done. Dataway!
  • Red: You're not done and it's past due. Kick it in!
  • Orange: You're not done; the due date is within 48 hours. Get going!
  • Blue: You're not done; the due date is within 7 days. Got spare time?
  • Grey: You're not done; the due date is more than 7 days away. Chill.
  • Black: Too late; credit can no longer be earned. Drats!

The most important take-home message that must be conveyed to students is that it is critical that they log on before doing a Minds On Physics mission. A student's logged-in status can be dropped after approximately 24 hours. And so it is important that they begin each MOP session by logging in (after first having logged out). If they are logged in, their progress will be tracked and stored by Task Tracker. When a student arrives at the Minds On Physics page,  their email should be displayed in theusername as shown below. If the student username does not appear, then the student must return to the My Accounts page and log in.


Teachers are granted permission to print and distribute the PDF document shown below. They are also permitted to download the document and upload it to their Learning Management System. But do be aware that we change things on occassion and this PDF may change accordingly. Finally, we have provided a link to the Microsoft Word version of this document, permitting teachers to download it, edit it, and distribute it to their students. The link can be found near the bottom of this page.


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