Vectors and Projectiles - Mission VP7 Detailed Help

A 2-kg object is launched upwards and rightwards and subsequently experiences projectile motion. Just prior to reaching the peak of its trajectory, the net force on the 2-kg object is ...

Definition of a Projectile:
projectile is an object for which the only force acting upon it is gravity. The force of air resistance is negligibly small or nonexistent for a projectile.

The force of gravity (Fgrav) that acts upon an object is mathematically related to the mass of an object (m) by the equation:
Fgrav= mass • g
where g is the acceleration caused by gravity alone. The value of g on Earth is 9.8 m/s/s (approximately 10 m/s/s).
The only force acting upon a projectile is gravity. Thus, the net force value is the value of the force of gravity. Knowing the mass of a projectile, one can calculated the net force by calculating the force of gravity. See Formula Frenzy section. The direction of the net force is the same direction as the force of gravity.


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