Mission WE2: Power

Mission WE2 pertains to the concept of mechanical power. You should know the definition of power, the unit for power, the meaning of a rate quantity, the mathematics of power, and the distinction between power and work.  The mission consists of 32 questions organized into 8 Question Groups. You must answer one question from each Question Group to complete the mission. The learning outcomes for this mission are ...


Learning Outcomes

  • The student should be able to define power and identify its units.
  • The student should be able to distinguish between work and power and calculate the power for physical situations.


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Getting Help

If you are not familiar with this topic, then you should first learn about the topic using our written Tutorial or our Video Tutorial:

The Physics Classroom - Work, Energy and Power Unit, Lesson 1, Part e


Video Tutorials:




Question-Specific Help

Each Question Group has its own Help page with information specific to the question. You can access the Help page from within the mission by tapping on the Help Me! icon (textbook). For your convenience, links to those pages are provided below: