Minds On Physics the App - Part 1

The app version of the Minds On Physics program is currently available as six different apps with each app covering a different set of topics. All apps have now been released. We are currently in the process of releasing updated versions with a friendlier interface, bug fixes, and improved graphics. Version information for the various apps can be found on our Timelines page. The Android version of the apps (for Android smart phones and Android tablets) are published at the Google Play Store. The Chrome OS version of the apps (for Chromebooks) are published at the Chrome Web Store. The iOS version of the apps (for iPhones and iPads) are published at the Apple iTunes Store. And the Mac version of the apps (for Apple Macintosh computers) are published at the Mac App Store. Links to the pages at the stores where the apps can be found are located on the Purchase page. The topics covered in Part 1 of the six-part series are listed below. 

CAUTION: As of this writing, Version 2.0 or higher is currently available at the online stores. Version 2.0 uses an entirely rebuilt database that does not talk well with the database used in version 1.0. Thus, those who are updating to version 2.0 or later from version 1.0 will need to first delete their app from their device. Then they can visit the store to obtain the free upgrade to the newer version. But before wiping your device clean of version 1.0, be sure to record, email, or print your success codes. They will be lost once the app is deleted from your device. 

Kinematic Concepts
Mission Topic
KC1 Vectors vs. Scalars
KC2 Distance vs. Displacement
KC3 Speed and Velocity
KC4 Acceleration
KC5 Oil Drop Representations
KC6 Average Speed Computations
KC7 Acceleration Computations
KC8 Position-Time and Velocity-Time Data Analysis

Kinematic Graphing
Mission Topic
KG1 Basics of Position-Time Graphs
KG2 Shape and Slope of Position-Time Graphs
KG3 Matching Motion and Shape for a Position-Time Graph
KG4 Slope Calculations for Position-Time Graphs
KG5 Basics of Velocity-Time Graphs
KG6 Shape and Slope of Velocity-Time Graphs
KG7 Matching Motion and Shape for a Velocity-Time Graph
KG8 Slope and Area Calculations for Velocity-Time Graphs
KG9 Graphs and Oil Drop Diagrams
KG10 Common Graph Misconceptions
KG11 Matching Position-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs

Vectors and Projectiles
Mission Topic
VP1 Direction of Vectors
VP2 Vector Addition Diagrams
VP3 Vector Addition Applications
VP4 Adding Right Angle Vectors
VP5 Vector Components
VP6 Relative Velocity and River Boars
VP7 The Nature of a Projectile
VP8 Velocity and Acceleration of a Projectile
VP9 Velocity Components for a Projectile
VP10 Displacement and Time for a Projectile