Additional Learning Tools and Resources

Watching a presentation is a passive activity. Getting information is important ... but its not the destination or end point. Now that you've watched the video, its time to do something with the information you've heard. It's time to act on it. The resources below provide an opportunity to do this. We encourage learners to solidify their learning through the use of one or more of the following resources.

Calculator Pad, Vectors and Projectiles Chapter, Problems #10 - #16

If you want practice with using mathematical ideas, our Caculator Pad is a great starting point. (You can finish there also.) You will find problems, answers, and audio-guided solutions. Problems #10-#16 of our Vectors and Projectiles problem set are a perfect follow-up to this video.

Physics Interactives - Vector Addition

This simulation allows you to drag vectors onto a work-space, easily change their magnitude and direction, arrange them head-to-tail, and view their resultant. Use the option of showing the components. It's a playful way of learning about component addition.


Concept Builder: Component Addition

Students love Concept Builders and its not surprising that they do. These interactive questioning modules provide immediate feedback to student answers and links to related information. The one on Component Addition is a perfect follow-up to this video.

Physics Classroom Tutorial, Vectors and Motion in Two Dimensions Chapter, Component Addition

Our Tutorial page on Component Addition explains the details of how to use the analytical method of vector addition. There are plenty of examples to learn by. It's worth a visit when you need a refresher or just a quick reference.